Guiding employees through a job transition period is hard enough; adding in the daunting task of managing health insurance coverage during this time can be a major source of tension. For most people, the most common option is to elect for coverage via the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), which allows former employees, retirees, and their dependents to temporarily keep the health coverage they had through a former employer. When an employee enrolls in COBRA coverage, they assume payments for the entire premium, including any portion that the employer may have paid in the past. Alternatively, they have the option to enroll in other coverage, through a spouse or via the Marketplace, but may not want to take on the burden of researching the costs and coverage of each plan during a stressful time. But for businesses, staying compliant with COBRA regulations can be tedious. Understanding eligibility, complying with notice guidelines, and understanding what’s covered means your company can be tied to administrative tasks for an employee’s health insurance benefits long after they’ve left their employment.


Fortunately, advancements in employee benefits have paved the way for innovative solutions that can prevent this frustrating scenario, such as the Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA). Let’s take a look at the numerous advantages of ICHRA and highlight why the COBRA continuation coverage option becomes unnecessary when you have an ICHRA plan in place for your employees.


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ICHRA is a game-changer in the world of healthcare benefits. Rather than selecting one group plan for all employees, this new type of health insurance benefit program allows employers to contribute tax-free dollars to employees for individual health insurance premiums and medical expenses on any qualified plan of their choosing. And when it comes to changing jobs, a key difference of an ICHRA versus a traditional group plan is that the employee owns the plan, not the employer. That means that when the employee leaves the job, they can take the plan with them for as long as they’d like. There are significant benefits to this arrangement, including:


Customized coverage options

With ICHRA, an employee has the freedom to choose an individual health insurance plan that suits their own needs, ranging from coverage level to network and employers don’t have the burden of finding one group plan that attempts to meet everyone’s needs.


Cost savings

With ICHRA, there is the potential for significant cost savings to both employer and employee. Employers have more control over the annual dollar amount they spend on tax-deductible reimbursements, and employees can opt for plans aligned with their budget and needs, rather than be forced to choose a group plan that doesn’t suit their individual preference. Plus, because employees manage their own costs, they’ll know the amount they pay monthly should they leave their job but want to keep their insurance. 


Portability and continuity

With ICHRA, portability and continuity are built in from the get-go, eliminating the need for unexpected COBRA payments and eventual changes of coverage. COBRA coverage is limited to a set period of time, so while it can provide a temporary solution, eventually it will disrupt the continuity of health insurance when transitioning between jobs. With ICHRA, an employee can maintain seamless coverage throughout career changes, while a company can be freed of administrative burdens both during and after the employee’s tenure with the business.


ICHRA has revolutionized the way employees access and manage their health insurance coverage, and eliminates the need for COBRA continuation coverage. As the landscape of employee benefits evolves, embracing ICHRA as a comprehensive alternative to COBRA is a step towards a more efficient, flexible, and personalized healthcare system that empowers employees to own their health insurance regardless of job status and frees companies of the administrative burdens associated with complying with COBRA regulations.


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