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ICHRA: A Better Solution
To Group Insurance

ICHRAs offer several benefits for employers and employees, including tax advantages, flexibility, and choice. See how ICHRAs can benefit your business. Check out our latest guide and learn more on:

  • How ICHRA works and its benefits
  • The difference between traditional group insurance
  • Finding the perfect partner

Case Study: KR Management

A senior living community administrator with 1,850 employees saved 35% on its yearly healthcare premiums by switching to SureCo from traditional group insurance.
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KR Management Savings With SureCo

2023 State of Employee Health Benefits

The comprehensive report tracks trends, challenges, and opportunities in the Human Resources Industry. See how you compare to other companies and identify opportunities to improve your benefits. Download the comprehensive report and see

  • How your benefits compare to other companies
  • Opportunities to improve benefit offerings
  • Trends, challenges, and opportunities in the Human Resources Industry

ACA Compliance Webinar Replay

Webinar Topic: The Price of Non Compliance
During the conversation, we'll cover: 
  • Industries at the highest risk for noncompliance.
  • What to do if your company faces penalties.
  • Keys to avoiding penalties

Understanding Skyrocketing Healthcare Renewal Rates

Renewal Rate Increases Virtual Event Replay

An eye-opening virtual event as we explore the reasons behind double-digit healthcare renewal costs. 

Our benefits experts will answer the following (and more!): 

  • The factors that influenced this year’s healthcare renewal costs
  • Strategies to reduce healthcare costs while maintaining quality coverage
  • How to leverage the individual market to avoid pricey increases next year