ICHRA's Big Shot:

Chief Impact Officer
Robert Horry

7-Time NBA Champion Big Shot Bob rallies working Americans to demand more from their health insurance.

In His Words: Horry Commits to Driving Change in Healthcare

If you know me from my days in the NBA, you're undoubtedly asking yourself what a basketball player has to do with a health insurance platform. I get it, I'd be asking the same question. But healthcare is as much a part of my story as basketball.


When my oldest daughter, Ashlyn, was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, we spent years in and out of hospitals. She passed away at 17, but that time ignited a passion in me to advocate for change and ensure that every individual has access to quality healthcare, regardless of their background or circumstances.


This is a cause that's near and dear to me, and as SureCo's Chief Impact Officer, I’m glad I can honor Ashlyn’s memory by helping other families unlock the quality of care they deserve.
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"NBA champion Robert Horry draws on daughter's health struggles and joins ICHRA movement"

by Noah Tong

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49% of employees have delayed medical care due to coverage concerns1. That needs to change—now. You can make a difference by sharing your experiences with high costs, denied claims, navigating complex coverage issues, and more. In his role as Chief Impact Officer, Robert is collecting these stories and sharing them with employers, benefits consultants, and policymakers to ensure better health outcomes for everyone. 


1: 2024 State of Employee Health Benefits

How Has Health Insurance Failed You?

"Health insurance is broken in this country. Americans should be able to find coverage that works for them and doesn't break the bank."

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