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SureCo’s ICHRA Solution lets you control costs while adding value. Leverage the individual market and give your employees high-quality, cost-efficient healthcare benefits.


average premium cost savings by SureCo clients in 2021-2023

High-Value Health Benefits at Stable Costs

Traditional group healthcare premiums are up 21%. SureCo’s ICHRA Solution is free from the claims risk associated with traditional group insurance, so you get:

Transparent, predictable pricing

No dramatic rate increases or plan redesigns

A typical savings of 15-25% on yearly premiums

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 “Moving to an ICHRA with SureCo has been terrific for everyone involved.  It eliminated the significant cost increases we would have faced, increased plan options, and ensured continued quality healthcare coverage.”

Michael W. Ames

President and CEO, RFK Community Alliance

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Discover SureCo's
ICHRA Solution

An ICHRA with SureCo allows mid-market and large companies to reimburse employees tax-free for the health plan of their choice on the individual market.

Thousands of fully insured plans to fit every employee’s needs and budget

Predictable pricing driven by the free market instead of claims

Streamlined Enrollment Platform and year-round support

Tax-free contributions deducted via payroll

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individual plans from 140 major carriers

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Engaged Employees Are Good For Business


higher profits

Companies with highly engaged employees resulted in 400% more profit and 200% more revenue.

Harvard Business Review


current benefits satisfaction

Employee benefits satisfaction fell to 61% in 2023, reaching its lowest point in a decade.



want customizable benefits

Increase employee engagement with health plans tailored to their unique needs, area, and budget.



of employees say they're more productive when they feel cared for at work (MetLife)

Unlock Peak Productivity

Boost team efficiency with an ICHRA from SureCo. Better benefits mean a happier and more engaged workforce.

Free up your HR team to focus on revenue-driving activities

Reduce employee absences with quality health coverage

Control rising health expenses in your budget

Prevent compliance-related penalties

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“We were looking at a catastrophic renewal increase with our traditional group health plan. Switching to SureCo saved us 35% on our premiums after the rate hike!”

Heather McKamey

VP of Human Resources, KR Management


employees enrolled in an ICHRA

This 2022 number is up from 2 million in 2021, according to healthcare consulting firm Avalere.


employers who will offer an ICHRA

The Department of Labor projects the number of employers who offer an ICHRA will increase by 255% by 2025.

Top Industries Saving With SureCo

Facing a sharp rise in group premium costs, SureCo customers in diverse industries found significant savings through our ICHRA solution.


Premium Savings for Human Services


Premium Savings for Entertainment


Premium Savings for Healthcare


Premium Savings for Education

ICHRA Resources

2023 ICHRA Guide

Get schooled on all things ICHRA and find out how it can benefit your business.

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Saved on yearly premiums

KR Management, a senior living community administrator with 1,850 employees, saved 35% on its yearly healthcare premiums by switching to SureCo from traditional group insurance.

KR Management, a senior living community administrator with 1,850 employees, saved 35% on its yearly healthcare premiums by switching to SureCo from traditional group insurance.

SureCo’s ICHRA Solution provided a creative alternative to the companies second annual 25% renewal rate increase. Read more about how we onboarded 300 employees to the platform in 21 days and worked with the team to ensure payroll deductions could be done seamlessly via Paycom.

Avoid ACA Compliance Penalties

The IRS is ramping up its enforcement of ACA penalties this year, which can cost companies millions of dollars. Watch our webinar on-demand and learn how to ensure your company stays compliant.

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Leverages the 5,000+ health plans on the individual market
Keeps the cost of benefits predictable by eliminating claims risk
Ensures ACA and COBRA compliance
Works with your broker or benefits consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an ICHRA with SureCo help control costs?

The individual market has seen relatively flat overall premiums year over year for the past 5-7 years. One of the largest variables for traditional group plans that increases costs is group risk due to high claims. SureCo's ICHRA model transfers that risk to the general population (~13 million individuals), so you take risk management and variable costs out of the equation. 
ICHRAs can potentially save companies money over traditional group health insurance plans through several key mechanisms. With ICHRAs, companies provide employees with a set allowance to purchase individual health insurance plans, allowing for greater cost control. Instead of shouldering the burden of providing a one-size-fits-all group plan, companies can allocate a fixed budget for each employee based on their individual needs and demographics. This empowers employees to select plans that suit their preferences, potentially resulting in lower costs due to the ability to choose more affordable coverage options.

Additionally, ICHRAs eliminate the administrative costs associated with managing a traditional group plan, such as enrollment, claims processing, and compliance. By transitioning to ICHRAs, companies can streamline their administrative processes and allocate resources more efficiently.

Overall, the flexibility, cost control, and reduced administrative burdens associated with ICHRAs can contribute to significant cost savings for companies when compared to traditional group health insurance plans. 

Try our Savings Calculator to get an estimate of how much your company could save on premiums with SureCo.

Will the enrollment platform work with the other systems used by our operations and HR team?

Our Enrollment Platform works with 150 of the top HRIS and payroll systems. Our API calls to your existing systems make them even more  valuable by integrating an innovative digital healthcare marketplace that helps your employees find the right insurance for them and lessens the administrative burden for your HR staff. With SureCo’s Enrollment Platform you will get: 

  • The ability to give your employees freedom of choice and control of their own healthcare 
  • The ability to give your HR staff the time they need to engage top talent 
  • Greater cost control 
  • Improved employee engagement 
  • Lower risk 
  • A powerful recruitment tool 
  • Educational materials to support your employees 

Will my human resource team save time during open enrollment?

Yes, our platform and service are designed to help your team remove or reduce manual processes that can hinder productivity before, during, and after open enrollment timeframes. Throughout the year onboarding new employees is also made easier and more effective allowing your team to focus on other priorities.

Can I continue using my broker or benefits consultant through SureCo?

Many companies have longstanding relationships with their brokers or benefits consultants, and we understand just how valuable they can be. We are a broker-first company, meaning we prefer to get brokers involved sooner rather than later in the process.  

We provide robust incentives for our broker partners to help them maintain their relationship with your business. They are also encouraged to continue writing their own ancillary benefits, which we can then incorporate directly into our Enrollment Platform.  

With SureCo and your broker or benefits consultant, you’ll have a powerhouse team behind you!   

Download our Partner Guide for more information on how SureCo works with brokers to create a winning scenario for all parties. 

How long does it take to enroll hundreds of employees in individual plans?

SureCo's advanced technology makes it easy to enroll hundreds of employees in individual plans in less time than it would take to enroll them in traditional group plans.

Our Enrollment Platform simplifies the selection process, so every employee can compare the plans that are best for them according to their individual needs. Our dedicated white-glove customer service team is there every step of the way, from implementation and open enrollment to ongoing support throughout the year. 

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