Make Employee Benefits
Your Greatest Advantage

Save money on retention and attract top talent.
"SureCo’s innovative benefit platform is a game-changer for growing organizations looking to compete for great talent by offering best-in-class health benefits."
Eric Ly, CEO of KarmaCheck (LinkedIn Co-Founder)

Leave Your Competitors at the Starting Line

Offer your employees better benefits and give them an open access pass to all competitive benefits with no risk to you.

  • 5,000+ health plans and 140 carriers
  • Powerful platform with medical and ancillary options
  • Offering benefits pre-tax through payroll
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Control Cost Without Compromising Value

The ICHRA advantage of SureCo's Enrollment Platform gives employers and employees more choice and price control over their benefit options, along with a fully managed open enrollment:

  • No more cost increases because of high claims
  • Harness the power of the free market to pay a lower price
  • Plans that fit employee budget and still offer the most value
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A Stronger Solution to Recruiting Talent

Allowing employees to have a voice in their choice drives greater efficiency, retention, and recruiting. Hook top talent by offering employees benefits they appreciate and approve of:

  • Lower turn-over rate
  • Heighten employee engagement
  • More profit, more revenue