At SureCo, we lead by doing. That’s why you’ll find industry experts with decades of hands-on experience across our leadership team and throughout the company. We pride ourselves on our diverse backgrounds, robust skill sets, and unwavering passion for improving the health and well-being of Americans.
Driven by a vision for simple, quality health coverage.
What’s it like working with us?
Amir Pirnia
Chief Technology Officer
Amir joined SureCo in 2020 as our Chief Technology Officer to help grow our enterprise market and its core businesses. Amir launched his career at Legalzoom.com, where he played a critical role in building the company’s backend infrastructure. Amir previously worked at Hixme, where he successfully launched their innovative business-to-business enterprise health benefits platform. He orchestrated the company’s development of a powerful engine that enabled employees to select tailored health insurance coverage. After graduating from the University of Windsor with a degree in Computer Science, Amir earned his MBA from Northwestern University.
Matt Christopherson
Chief Revenue Officer
As an original SureCo founder, Matt Christopherson manages all the sales as the Chief Revenue Officer, including leading all sales acquisition and customer success initiatives across the organization as we grow and scale. Matt, or MC as he’s commonly known, is an industry veteran with entrepreneurial experience launching, leading, and growing multiple companies. He is a serial entrepreneur who has owned three businesses, including an internet service provider sales company and a toner sales company, which is where he met founding partner, Matthew Kim. After leaving toner sales, he founded Bayside Insurance with Matthew, which is the SureCo we know today.
Matthew Kim
Chief Executive Officer
After helping launch SureCo as a co-founder, Matthew Kim grew into his role as Chief Executive Officer in a non-traditional way. Unlike many of his professional peers, Matthew didn’t attend college, work at an international consulting firm, or have VC funding to fuel SureCo’s growth. He did have copious amounts of determination and passion, which he shares generously with his team. Matthew began his career in insurance sales at HealthMarkets Inc, a Blackstone Group Company. He also built and led his own health care agencies prior to his current iteration of SureCo. A CEO with an open-door policy, Matthew has no qualms about rolling up his sleeves and getting in the trenches. He works closely with every department across SureCo, helping support, leverage, and advance our products and mission.
Steven Richardson
Chief Population Health Officer
Steven joined SureCo in 2019 as Vice President of Population Health and was promoted to Chief Population Health Officer in 2021. Steven lends his subject-matter expertise to our DocDay and TPA solutions, while also managing our clinical operations and medical groups to align with SureCo initiatives. Rarely found in his office, Steven works closely with each SureCo team to make sure our entire organization lives our mission of Engaged Healthcare, every day. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Science at Loma Linda University, Steven went on to receive his Master’s in Science from Western University.
Erik Wissig
Chief Operating Officer
Since joining SureCo as the Chief Operating Officer in 2020, Erik’s role has constantly been evolving to meet the needs of our growing organization. Currently, he’s focused on establishing and building operational effectiveness across the organization and developing the company’s enterprise market strategy. Before joining SureCo, Erik was co-founder and CFO of the venture-backed technology company, Hixme. When he met the SureCo team, he quickly recognized opportunities with the complementary business models. This led to SureCo’s acquisition of Hixme in 2020. Both keep him pretty busy. Erik earned his degree in Business Economics and German from the University of California at Santa Barbara.