About SureCo

Our commitment to the health and well-being of the
American people has guided us from day one.
Problem Solvers from the Start
SureCo is founded
SureCo begins selling health share products, signs strategic growth partnerships
SureCo helps pass ICHRA legislation
SureCo launches Enrollment Platform, and DocDay virtual care service
2023 (and on)
Helping enterprise partners improve their health benefits

SureCo’s mission dates back to 2009, the year Matthew Kim (CEO), Matt Christopherson (CRO), and Marc Bablot (Founding Board Member) joined forces to address the sky-rocketing costs of healthcare. For the next seven years, they helped individuals and small businesses capture significant savings by securing alternate health coverage solutions.

As the healthcare landscape evolved, the partners adapted. In 2016, they officially launched SureCo with 30 dedicated employees driven by the same purpose: to make healthcare simple, accessible and more affordable for patients, partners and providers.

In 2018, SureCo identified a massive opportunity for employers to leverage the Direct-To-Consumer health insurance market to offer better health benefits at significantly lower costs. Through continued lobbying efforts, SureCo was instrumental in passing the Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) in 2020. With this new legislation in place, SureCo developed the most comprehensive and advanced platform for accessing over 9000 health plan options from 140+ carriers across the United States. Today, our Enrollment Platform is the trusted solution for large-scale benefit enrollment, compliance, reporting, and integration with HRIS systems.

SureCo continues to develop innovative products and best-in-class services aimed at improving the health and well-being of all Americans.


Reimagining Enterprise Health Benefits
For Value and Simplicity

Enrollment Platform

Corporate Health Benefits Reimagined

SureCo’s Enrollment Platform is the trusted way for large employers to leverage the Direct-to-Consumer Market.

Let your workers and their dependents choose coverage that fits their personal needs from every carrier and plan available in their zip code. Empower them to own and manage their personal benefits decisions and secure the plan they want.

Through SureCo’s Platform, employers save money by funding coverage through our pre-tax payroll integration, and streamline compliance all in one place.

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Quality Care Meets Patient Convenience

Patients want access to their doctors and their health information. Physicians want to focus on providing quality care. DocDay delivers on these demands with seamless digital tools. Choosing from DocDay’s wide network of providers, patients can quickly find the care they need. DocDay’s telehealth feature makes accessing care convenient and affordable. Using DocDay’s intuitive portal, patients and providers can order prescription deliveries, request labs, view results, and manage care in a matter of taps.

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