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2024 State of Employee Benefits

We surveyed thousands of employees, HR and finance leaders, and benefits consultants to better understand the landscape of today's employer-sponsored health insurance. See how your company benefits stack up against the competition.

10 myths

not to believe about ICHRAs

An alternative to traditional group health plans, ICHRAs let employers reimburse workers a set dollar amount to spend on the individual plan of their choosing.

It removes the pain point of renewals from the corporate HR equation and empowers employees to select healthcare coverage that best fits their personal needs.  

But considering ICHRAs only came into effect in 2020, there are still myriad misconceptions about them. So let’s distill fact from fiction.


saved on yearly premiums

KR Management, a senior living community administrator with 1,850 employees, saved 35% on its yearly healthcare premiums by switching to SureCo from traditional group insurance.

SureCo’s ICHRA Solution provided a creative alternative to the companies second annual 25% renewal rate increase. Read more about how we onboarded 300 employees to the platform in 21 days and worked with the team to ensure payroll deductions could be done seamlessly via Paycom.

ICHRA 101 Guide

Companies large or small can now reimburse employees pre-tax for the individual health plans of their choice—and remain ACA-compliant. Learn more in our guide.

Frame 10

"Everyone, from my 86-year-old CEO to my younger, minimum-wage workers have been thrilled! They'll all saved so much on their premiums that they feel like they were given de facto raises!"

—Patty MacDonald, Volta Oil

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We've saved mid-market and large employers up to 40% on their health insurance premiums.

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Health Benefits Glossary

Understanding employee benefits is challenging enough without complicated terminology. Our Benefits Glossary contains he most commonly used terms, along with easy-to-understand definitions.


An Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement enables employers to contribute tax-free dollars to some or all the premiums employees pay for self-purchased health insurance.


A predetermined or fixed amount that an employee pays out of pocket every calendar year. Once the member has paid the deductible, the plan begins reimbursing costs for healthcare expenses that are non-preventative.


A Health Savings Account allows employees with High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) to put money away and withdraw it tax free for qualified medical expenses, like deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance.


A Qualifying Life Event represents a significant life change, such as a change in marital status, children and dependents, or a family member’s benefits eligibility under another plan due to job loss or Medicare enrollment. 


This employer-sponsored benefit enables employers to reimburse their employees’ health insurance and out-of-pocket medical expenses by providing employees with a tax-free monthly allowance.


After the health plan’s deductible has been paid, the percentage of costs for a covered healthcare service paid out of pocket is called coinsurance. It differs from a copay, which the plan member pays when they use a service. 

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