Working in human resources is rewarding for many various reasons. For one, the work you do directly helps people and organizations. People get hired and stay employed because of HR professionals' efforts to purposely connect them to and communicate effectively about the roles and expectations for the company. Organizations achieve operative success thanks to HR departments that execute essential business functions such as payroll, benefits administration, training programs, diversity initiatives, and more. As HR professionals tackle their tasks and fulfill their responsibilities, they find personal reward in growing their administrative skillset and people management skills. 

Hear what 4 Top HR Professionals say about working in the industry, along with their best success tips for aspiring HR professionals!  


J. Lim, MHA |Technical Recruiter at Top FinTech/Payment Solutions Company 


Human Resources is the lifeblood of an organization that empowers its employees to live up to their fullest potential and make the greatest impact. When you take a human-first approach to your employees' needs, it removes the barriers that allow them to truly focus on doing great work and feel supported to be at their very best. Put people first because it's the right thing to do. 


Tip: There has never been a more competitive time to find the talent your organization needs to ensure its success. Recruiting is that difference maker that aligns organizational goals with the right talent to execute and deliver. Once you truly understand your company's vision, you can find like-minded individuals with the right skills to help push that vision forward. 



Angela Min, MHA | People and Culture Generalist at Moose Toys 


I love that I can help my employees and be a resource for them on topics that can be confusing such as benefits or leave of absences. I also love that I work with all departments within a company, not just 1 or 2. I love the fact that I know everyone, and everyone knows me! 


Tip: In HR, many things change each year and new laws come up all the time. It is important you stay eager and hungry to learn, or it may get hard to keep up. Also, make sure you document everything! 


Bailey Estrada | Operations Manager at Specright 


I love helping people and understanding their needs. HR tasks can range from payroll, taxes, health and benefits, retirement, and more, which can be confusing to navigate for new employees. Specright started as a company of ten employees and has grown to 100. This growth has brought many challenges and continuous learning curves, especially when it comes to human resources.  


Tip: Have a heart for people and their needs. Stay updated on policies because they often change. HR can be a very demanding role, and the more you set people up for success, the better the company will work. I write down frequently asked questions, and I structure documents and helpful resources based on them. Typically, multiple employees will have the same questions, so documenting them helps streamline the workflow. Lastly, always check in with managers on how their employees are doing and ensure they have all the necessary resources. 



Leah Herzog | Talent Acquisition Business Partner at SureCo 

I love HR because it gives me the chance to become part of a professional and dynamic team. Every day provides an opportunity to learn new and exciting things. HR professionals are considered the backbone of any business. They are responsible for hiring, training, managing, and leading teams. 



  1. Focus on what matters most to your employees, such as compensation and opportunities to move up. 
  2. Develop competitive compensation and an attractive benefits package. 
  3. Work on creating a positive and supportive culture where your employees can grow and advance their careers. 


There are few careers where you can be an influential benefactor to human livelihood, and HR is one of them. It is rewarding to play such a vital role in the lives of people seeking the right opportunity to achieve their professional goals while expanding their vocational horizons. 


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