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Give your employees customizable coverage while containing costs for your company

What Is an ICHRA?
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Health Benefits, Thoughtfully Reimagined

Maximize plan options while controlling costs with an

Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA)

Offer More Health Plans,
Make Them Easier to Shop

Our intuitive Enrollment Platform makes it simple for your
employees to choose the right health insurance for their needs.

Access to all individual plans from major carriers in their area

Ability to compare plans by type, cost, providers, and more

Award-winning, U.S.-based customer support

Easy enrollment in just a few clicks

Eliminate Claims Risk, Control Costs

Traditional group healthcare premiums are up 21%. ICHRAs are free from the claims risk associated with traditional group insurance, so you get:

Transparent, predictable pricing

No dramatic rate increases or plan redesigns

A typical savings of 15-25% on yearly premiums

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average premium cost savings by SureCo clients in 2021-2024


Simplify Benefits Administration, Ensure 100% ACA Compliance

Enrolling hundreds of employees into individual plans is easy with Sureco. We offer:

Affordability calculations and non-discrimination checks

Fully managed migration and open enrollment

API-driven ancillary and HRIS/payroll integrations

Direct carrier payments (no reimbursements needed)

You Love Your Benefits Consultant,
So Do We

The key to a successful ICHRA implementation is collaboration. SureCo provides consultants with:

An ICHRA solution for groups of 250+ eligible employees

An end-to-end user experience their clients love

A competitive compensation model

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Fixing Healthcare, One Employee at a Time 

We’re committed to ensuring better health outcomes for working Americans.  



Our Impact Commitment


"...the average size of companies using reimbursement arrangements is increasing due to greater awareness of the plans. Employers and benefit brokers are realizing that ICHRA is not only for the very small company, and there’s a huge opportunity for larger companies to benefit from implementing an ICHRA program,” 


- Erik Wissig
Chief Operating Officer, SureCo


Give Employees More Benefit Options, Tax-Free

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