We’re making the world a
healthier place.

At SureCo, we believe you should
have a say in your health.

What’s more, we connect you to the tools, resources and information you need to be an active participant in improving your own health, while lowering your healthcare costs.

who we are

Not Just Another
Health Insurance

At SureCo, we’re a people-first healthcare agency focused on making quality healthcare simpler and more accessible — with more straight talk and less stress. We call it Engaged Healthcare, and it’s changing health coverage for the better.

We’re ready to guide you in making the best decision for your health, and finding the right coverage for you, your family and business. Better healthcare starts here.


Healthcare Has Challenges.
We Have the Solutions.

Our transformative, intuitive patient-first technologies work to deliver Engaged Healthcare that empowers people to make healthy choices while lowering costs. Explore our simplified solutions that put the power of a healthier life in the hands of people living it.


Telehealth & Physician Network

When care providers have more time to focus on patient care, and patients have more visibility into their health — everyone wins. Our DocDay Telehealth and Physician Network makes it easier and faster for patients and physicians to connect, while simplifying patient access to their health records and treatment history.


Corporate health insurance
completely reimagined.

Enrollme by SureCo takes the complexity out of corporate health insurance with a simple digital solution that lets employees choose and manage their own health plans while employers control risk and costs.

Third-Party Administrator

Patient Care & Provider Service

Our Third-Party Administrator does the heavy lifting in the medical and health benefits management ecosystem, keeping patients happy and saving providers time.



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You’re not just a customer. You’re our partner. Let’s work together to empower patients to find the healthcare that’s right for them.