Top 5 Tips For Improving Team Communication


July 06, 2022

Team communication is essential for any organization. Any business owner or manager will tell you that communication is key to a successful operation. But what happens when communication breaks down? All too often, the result is an inefficient team that struggles to meet deadlines and produce quality work. Poor communication can also lead to conflicts among team members, leading to a loss of trust and engagement within the team. In today’s world of remote and hybrid work, the challenges of maintaining effective communication are even greater. However, by taking some simple steps to improve communication practices, businesses can overcome these challenges and set themselves up for success. 


Top 5 ways miscommunication happens in the workplace: 

  1. Poor Leadership
  2. Unclear Objectives
  3. Limited Feedback
  4. Lack of Active Listening
  5. Demoralized Employees 


Poor Leadership 

In any work environment, leadership is essential for maintaining order and productivity. Without strong and effective leaders, employees can quickly become confused and discouraged, leading to a decline in morale and an increase in turnover. Poor leadership can negatively affect a business, including decreased profitability, strained employee relations, and negative publicity. Therefore, companies must ensure their leaders are a good fit for the role. Being a good leader means clearly communicating objectives, goals, and future visions. By providing training and regular feedback, businesses can help their leaders to stay on track. 


Unclear Objectives 

Objectives are a powerful tool in the business world. They help businesses focus on desired outcomes, such as profitability. This doesn't just happen on its own; employees want transparent objectives that provide direction and education. Having clear objectives requires attentive employees who know what management wants them to accomplish and provide proper direction. Organizations that fail to give clear instructions can lead to confusion and underperformance. Set your vision and establish clear goals. Your business objectives should be specific, measurable, and attainable.  


Limited Feedback 

The modern workplace is built on relationships. In order to function effectively, employees and employers need to trust and respect one another. Poorly delivered feedback can damage relationships and eliminate trust. Feedback is an essential part of maintaining healthy relationships in the workplace. When offered constructively and with positive intent, feedback can help employees improve their performance and identify areas for growth. Feedback can be a powerful tool for building strong relationships if pursued correctly. 


Lack of Active Listening 

Active listening is a communication technique that involves giving full attention to the person speaking, taking time to understand their message, and responding in a way that shows you have heard and understand them. This skill set is vital in the workplace; clear communication is essential to maintaining productive teams. Active listening can help to prevent misunderstandings and miscommunication, and it can also build trust and foster collaboration. Additionally, active listening can help managers identify issues before they escalate into larger problems. By making active listening a priority in the workplace, businesses can create a more supportive and effective environment for their employees. Turn off your notifications, close your laptop (if you are not on a video conference), and give your team the attention they deserve. 


Demoralized Employees  

A demoralized employee has lost interest in their work or company. A few things that lead to this are employees feeling undervalued, unappreciated, and overworked. One way to restore employee morale is by reevaluating your workplace culture and thinking about what it takes for employees to be personally invested in their work environment. 


Overall, communication is key in any workplace. It helps co-workers build relationships, collaborate on projects, and resolve conflicts. However, busy work schedules and overwhelming workloads can often hinder communication. This is where SureCo's Enrollment Platform comes in. SureCo takes care of your open enrollment process, simplifying ACA and ERISA reporting for you and your team and addressing company leadership strategies. Their easy-to-use platform creates an easy and positive experience for your employees while choosing a health plan and integrating with your current HRIS and payroll platforms. As a result, SureCo's Enrollment Platform can help improve workplace communication and free up more time for co-workers to interact with each other. Free up more time now!


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