During the past few years, workplace burnout has become an epidemic in the corporate world. A recent survey from Indeed reported that 52% of all workers feel burnt out, including 9%+ pre-covid. 


So, what classifies employee burnout? According to The World Health Organization, employee burnout is intrinsic demands of the job, individual susceptibility, and poor work organization, which all contribute to stress increase. They also identified burnout as having four defining components: feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion, reduced professional efficacy, increased mental distance from one’s job, or negative feelings related to one’s career. Let’s look at how we can help prevent employee burnout. 


Recognize the signs + create a safe space

When it comes to your employees, you want to make sure that their health is prioritized. Recognizing the signs of employee burnout can help you respond quickly and prevent it from escalating. Stay connected with your employees and let them know you prioritize their well-being. Create a safe environment for them to communicate and express their emotions clearly. 


Some signs of worker burnout include:

  • Inability to concentrate 
  • Easily upset or angered 
  • Recurring sickness 
  • Difficulty sleeping 
  • Feelings of alienation at work 
  • Cynicism towards people and their job 
  • Hopelessness 
  • And many more 

Assess company culture + highlight employee appreciation  

Burnout is not always the nature of work itself but how the employee is valued, treated, and managed. Employees need to feel supported by their managers and believe they care for them as people. When management lacks these efforts, employees become disengaged, resulting in low morale, high turnover, and a decreased productivity. Employees also need clear communication. When communication is lacking within a business, employees can suffer from stress, frustration, and the feeling of being overworked. This can lead to poor performance and burnout. Create constant communication and show your employees you genuinely care about their well-being. 

Provide excellent employee benefits to prioritize their physical and mental health 

Do health benefits matter? Absolutely! According to our internal survey, employees prioritize receiving quality health benefits at an affordable price when choosing to work for a company. Provide your employees with health benefits they can use, understand, and appreciate. Offering your employees health benefits they can understand encourages them to stay on top of their well-being, which helps them maintain a balanced lifestyle and supports a healthy workforce. Show them that you care by offering more sick days to focus on healing and getting better. Prioritize their mental and physical health by providing unique reimbursement packages. Provide meditation apps, fitness passes, telehealth, and various support systems for emotional well-being. 

Visit SureCo's Enrollment Platform for more information on providing your employees with proper healthcare. 


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