Reinventing the Recruiting Process in 2022


April 07, 2022

The majority of businesses are facing a major shift in revamping their recruiting process. Employees are unwilling to settle for jobs that are not fully stocked with health benefits or a suitable workplace culture. These ever-growing demands are requiring HR teams to stay agile and quick on ensuring that benefits are competitive. Mitigate the risk of your top talent being poached or leaving with these top hiring strategies of 2022. 


Creating a Great Candidate Experience 

What is a candidate's experience and how does it affect recruiting? This experience is how candidates feel about your company once they experience your hiring process. Nowadays, people are not afraid to voice their opinions on social media or other outlets such as Glassdoor. Word of mouth on someone’s experience with your company can resonate louder and harder with people, which can make or break whether a potential employee sees a future with you.  


Strong Employer Branding 

People want to work for a company with a strong company culture and values. It's likely that they will review a company's reputation and brand before applying. You can optimize your career page with content about employee testimonials, social posts about company culture on social media, and company reviews to showcase your business. Creating and managing your company’s brand will help show candidates what it is like to work for you before they even sit down for an interview.


Greater Morale = Stronger Retention 

Businesses have made a major shift to focus on hiring new top talent, but it's important you don't begin to take your current employees for granted. It's likely that you already have outstanding employees, so it's essential to check in with them and give proper recognition for their hard work. You have employees dedicated and invested in your company, so be sure to put time, money, and effort into bettering their skills with various training and education options. This is a sure way to strengthen employee retention. It is as critical to retain a quality employee than to recruit, train and orient a replacement employee.


Focus on Soft Skills 

It's tough to determine whether the technical skills and work history noted in a resume are enough to qualify the person for the job. But don't forget hard skills can be developed by employees who are willing to learn and grow. Hard skills are learned abilities acquired and enhanced through practice, repetition, and education. These include software programming, writing proficiency, marketing, etc. On the other hand, cultivating employees' soft skills are innate qualities that people just have, which cannot be taught. Some soft skills predicted to be the most valuable this year and beyond are emotional intelligence, adaptability and resilience, integrity and ethics, creativity, and teamwork. Focus on finding or keeping employees with the right soft and hard skill balance for your company.  


Offer Better Benefits  

Become a better employer by offering better benefits. Employees value their health benefits and find it a top factor when choosing to work for a business. The time has come for companies to customize benefit and compensation packages based on age, income, and lifestyle to meet various needs. It's important to find platforms to help you level up your benefits. With SureCo's Enrollment Platform, employees can choose from a wide range of competitively priced health plans offered by major carriers. Using an intuitive digital marketplace, employees quickly select and purchase the right health plan for their needs and budget. With SureCo's Enrollment Platform, your employees now have more choice, flexibility, money in their pocket, and another reason to work with you. 


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