Working in human resources, you’ve likely felt the pain of procedures and processes that seem stuck in the business world of 50 years ago, especially when it comes to benefits administration. Are you manually entering deductions into your payroll system, filing COBRA paperwork, or tediously on- and off-boarding employees from benefits? If so, it’s time to shake up the status quo and introduce a new way of working with employee benefits. With an ICHRA administered through SureCo’s Enrollment Platform, change is easier to adopt than ever.  


In a SureCo + SHRM webinar, Kayla Shaug (SHRM-CP), the People Operations Manager at SureCo, shared how an ICHRA changed her day-to-day work life.  


“Finding the right ICHRA partner that integrates with your HRIS platform is huge. I spent a significant amount of my time manually entering deductions in payroll systems and dealing with that manual onboarding and offboarding process that’s no longer an issue with ICHRA,” Kayla explained during the webinar. SureCo’s custom platform integration with payroll systems has resulted in our customers saving hundreds of hours of work, especially around Open Enrollment times.  


Another facet of time-saving that an ICHRA can bring your team? Reports. “At previous jobs, I would have to pull data from multiple systems to build my own reports. With SureCo’s ICHRA Solution, I'm able to access dynamic, robust reports on-demand, which is a huge win and big timesaver for me,” Kayla continued. Does Kayla’s experience sound familiar? In the absence of a consolidated benefits administration platform, are you chasing down metrics from multiple sources in order to create your reports? Say goodbye to all of that with SureCo’s custom-built reports.   


Other ICHRA timesavers include: 




Partnering with the right  ICHRA provider makes compliance a breeze. Stop stressing about COBRA administration paperwork and deadlines. Because employees own their health plans, employee transitions are seamless for both parties. 




Having the right ICHRA solution in place that seamlessly integrates directly with your HRIS platform takes the burden off manually processing qualifying life events and employee benefit deductions, while allowing access to detailed reports whenever you need. 


Finally, ask yourself, With all the time and money you save using an ICHRA with SureCo, what new, exciting programs can you add to your work day?  


Kayla spoke to what she’s been able to accomplish with her team’s new allocation of time and budget. “It’s freed up a significant amount of administrative time on my hands, so I can actually think more strategically and roll out more beneficial initiatives that are going to have a long-lasting impact on employees.” 


She continued: “For example, our recruiting team was really passionate about making sure that we were offering competitive compensation packages. And with the budget that I've saved through the ICHRA model, I've been able to roll out a compensation tool for the recruiting team which has been a huge win. Engagement is also a big focus at SureCo. I've been able to really take the time to look for the right engagement platform for rewards and recognition strategy to roll out for our employees.”  


Ready to rethink your group benefits? Find out more about ICHRA today by watching the full webinar on-demand to hear more from Kayla and a team of ICHRA expert panelists. Or, talk to a SureCo Benefits Expert to find out more about how you and your team can eliminate repetitive manual administrative tasks and gain back time for the high-impact initiatives that you are passionate about.  

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