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Self-Funding & ICHRA: Which Group Health Coverage Is Right For You?

Faced with ever-increasing group health renewal rates, you’re likely exploring alternatives to traditional insurance models for your company or clients. The first stop for many is organizations is going self-funded, but it’s not the only option. In this free webinar, we’ll explore why an ICHRA (Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement) could be a better solution.  

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Self-Funded vs ICHRA

SureCo’s Chief Revenue Officer, Tom Mafale, will host a can’t-miss conversation with Scott Ripley, Senior Vice President of Employee Benefits at Gallagher and Rachel Lappin Scheinman, Chief Human Resources Officer at NJOY, LLC.

The industry veterans will discuss: 

When it’s time to consider moving away from traditionally funded insurance

The pros and cons of both self-funding and ICHRA models

Stop-loss insurance

What it's like to migrate to a group health alternative

The ways ICHRA picks up where self-funded falls short

Moving from self-funded to ICHRA

Give Your Employees More Benefit Options, Tax-Free.

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