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Learn why America is moving to Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements in our free comprehensive guide.

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SureCo's comprehensive guide to ICHRAs in 2024 offers an extensive overview of the current state of employee health benefits.



2024: The Inflection Year for Health Benefits

Explore the rise of ICHRAs — a staggering 42% of medium and large employers are now considering this model for their employee health plans.


Evolution of ICHRA

From the Affordable Care Act's inception in 2010 to the official launch in 2020, ICHRAs offer a dynamic alternative to traditional group plans.


Who Has Already Made the Switch?

Discover success stories across nonprofit, healthcare, and staffing sectors, showcasing the wide-reaching impact of ICHRAs.


Why Large Employers Are Moving to ICHRAs

Major corporations are adopting ICHRAs for their customizable plans and cost control, enhancing flexibility and efficiency.


 Overcoming Misconceptions & Barriers

Learn how technological advances dismantle common myths and facilitate the broader adoption of ICHRAs.


 ICHRA Satisfaction and Future Outlook

See how companies benefit from higher employee satisfaction and significant cost savings, with experts predicting a bright future for ICHRAs.




“I had several years of budgeting for what I thought was a reasonable increase and then getting a much higher renewal. My budget would be off, and I'd have to explain that to my team. After a while, it dawned on me: This is the only line item in my budget that has increased year over year over year, and we were just accepting ‘this is the way it is.’ That was what started our journey to an ICHRA.”

Meredith Gaitanis

CFO at Ansafone