How Ansafone
Increased Plan Options
& Cut Costs by 42%

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Ansafone is a leading provider of outsourced contact center solutions, serving clients across the U.S. and Canada with a focus on inbound and outbound communication channels. With over 800 employees across 18 states, Ansafone specializes in providing comprehensive support for various customer interaction platforms.

A Look at the Numbers


monthly savings

Ansafone’s lowest employer-sponsored coverage carried a monthly cost of $971 on traditional group. With an ICHRA, that number dropped to $562.


plans selected

Employees went from having access to four fully insured pre-selected health plans to selecting 139 individual plans out of thousands available.


participation increase

Ansafone wanted to increase participation in its health plans and ensure more employees had coverage. An ICHRA provided cost-flexible options.

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The Challenge

Offer more affordable coverage to increase plan participation and employee retention

Due to high claims and low participation, Ansafone has been experiencing double-digit rate increases on its four fully insured Florida Blue health plans for the past several years. “We saw initial increases of 26% and 30% the past two years and were expecting similar numbers this year,” says Meredith Gaitanis, Ansafone’s Chief Financial Officer. 

As the company’s costs skyrocketed, its participation gradually declined. For 2023, the cost of Ansafone’s lowest-cost plan was $971/month, and employees were responsible for $160. But for the contact center’s lower-wage earners, that price was often too steep. It was a scenario that didn’t sit right with the company. “We want to be a place that employees want to work, one that offers affordable coverage,” says Gaitanis.

Increasing participation through flexible coverage options with better pricing was also important to Ansafone’s bottom line. “We're in the people business, and we see a direct correlation between employees who have health benefits and their longevity at the company,” Gaitanis adds. “They tend to stay with us longer, which is important because we can service our clients better when we have employees who are experienced and really know our customers’ accounts. Turnover, of course, is also very expensive, so we weren’t just looking to save money on premiums, but also on overall attrition.”

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Ansafone CFO Meredith Gaitanis talks working with HR to shape ICHRA strategy.

The Solution

Lower premiums and offer more flexible plan options through an ICHRA model with SureCo

With their traditional group plans, Gaitanis felt that Ansafone wasn’t utilizing the dollars they were spending on benefits wisely for its employees. “Beyond our pricing challenges, we heard from employees that the options weren’t fitting their needs, and we just said, ‘We have to try something different. We know this isn’t working.’”

The company found its answer in an ICHRA (Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement) with SureCo. An ICHRA allowed Ansafone’s employees, who are spread out over 18 states and span many different life stages, to select the best coverage for their needs for all available plan options in their area.

Gaitanis worked hand in hand with SureCo, Ansafone’s benefits consultant, and her Director of Payroll and Benefits, Kameron Alexander, to map out a contribution strategy that benefitted both the company and its employees.

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We are absolutely thrilled with the outcomes achieved. Collaborating with SureCo has been an exceptional experience, consistently delivering fantastic results.

Kameron Alexander

Director of Payroll and Benefits, Ansafone

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The Results

Premium costs dropped by over 40%, and plan participation surged

The move to an ICHRA with SureCo paid off for Ansafone and its employees. 

Total premium costs per employee per month dropped significantly, going from $971 to an average of $562, and participation in employer-sponsored coverage increased by a staggering 60%.

"The increased participation really speaks for itself," says Gaitanis. "We've received positive feedback from potential employees, appreciating the ability to choose a plan that works best for them."

Both Gaitanis and Alexander consider their switch to an ICHRA a huge success for Ansafone.

"Our goal was to provide our employees with more flexibility, diverse plan options, and improved costs, and SureCo delivered on all fronts with its seamless platform and exceptional customer service," says Alexander. "We couldn’t be happier with the results. The support team has been outstanding, and my experience working with SureCo has been nothing short of fantastic."


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