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Healthcare Has Its Challenges.
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At SureCo, we know there’s a simpler way to connect people to the care they need, efficiently and affordably. We know there’s a smarter way for our partners to lower healthcare costs and drive efficiencies. And we know there’s a better way for providers to focus more time on patient care. It’s called Engaged Healthcare, and we’re delivering the solutions to get us there.

See how we’re disrupting the status quo with innovative products that put the power of healthcare directly in the hands of the individual.

Healthcare Agency

A More Human Approach to Healthcare

Healthcare coverage doesn’t have to be frustrating. At SureCo, we’re a healthcare agency that puts humans first. Calling on decades of experience, our dedicated Account Executives are ready to help you understand your healthcare options and find the solution that fits your lifestyle and needs. From cost-effective and value-driven traditional health insurance to comprehensive alternative healthcare programs, we’ll connect you to the right care at the right price.


Corporate Health Insurance that
Keeps Everyone Happy

Employers and employees alike agree: the current model of corporate health insurance is broken. Enter Enrollme: a simple digital marketplace that makes it easy for employees to explore and choose health plans and make employee contributions. While giving employees greater flexibility and choice, Enrollme delivers benefits to employers as well — including less administrative burden, lower risk and reduced costs.


Quality Care Meets Patient Convenience

Patients want access to their doctors and their health information. Physicians want to focus on providing quality care. DocDay delivers on these demands with seamless digital tools. Choosing from DocDay’s wide network of providers, patients can quickly find the care they need. DocDay’s telehealth feature makes accessing care convenient and affordable. Using DocDay’s intuitive portal, patients and providers can order prescription deliveries, request labs, view results, and manage care in a matter of taps.


Better Care + Lower Costs

Regardless of which health coverage you have, it’s the third-party administrators that do the heavy lifting of providing health support and improvement through care management, managing benefits, adjudicating claims, and providing quality customer service. Our healthcare third-party administrator (TPA) services are reimagining the healthcare system to deliver higher quality health benefits management, for lower costs overall.

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