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Creating a world where everyone is engaged in their own health.


To lead the charge in lowering healthcare costs by motivating and engaging people in their own health with solutions, tools, information, and resources that help them get exactly the care they need more efficiently and affordably.


 Brand Pillars 

We simplify


Healthcare is complex. Our TPA services, help make it accessible, understandable, and simplified.

We innovate.


Our transformative, intuitive patient-first technologies like DocDay, telemedicine, and Rx solutions ignite the movement toward Engaged Healthcare that empowers people to be active participants in their own health. This drives efficiencies and lowers costs.

We’re straight talkers.


We believe in demystifying healthcare — with clear answers, greater transparency, and better information placed directly in people’s hands so they can maintain and improve their own health.

We disrupt.


We know there’s a better way to connect people to the exact healthcare they need — not too much or too little — efficiently and affordably. And we’re creating it, with revolutionary models like EnrollMe, which delivers employee benefits at greater savings, and our proactive approach to telehealth.

We get it done.


We know the true cost of healthcare and where you can find savings. We know how to circumvent its complexities and streamline its delivery. We’re able to innovate and deploy new cost-reducing products in two months versus two years.

We put people first.


By keeping our brokerage inhouse, we’re able to better collaborate with patients, employees, providers, and partners to deliver the right mix of tools, information, resources, and our own quality-controlled “insurance” brand.

We’re idealists.


We know that we are responsible for helping people live happier, healthier lives while helping the healthcare industry deliver a higher quality of care and better outcomes, more efficiently and effectively. This isn’t just a business model; it’s a core belief.

We have fun.


There’s nothing we’d rather be doing than helping people feel and live better. And we’ll use our strengths and passion to make healthcare something it’s never been before: engaging, empowering, and efficient.

 Core Values 

Sureco Expert

We are pragmatic dreamers and disruptors focused on finding innovative ways to control healthcare costs and direct more resources into solutions and tools that motivate people to live and be healthier.

We support the concept of putting more information and power into people’s hands so they can know more and make the right choices about their health.

We will never try to confuse or hide the truth about healthcare options, costs and services, or compromise our products’ quality.

We believe that with ingenuity, creativity, and foresight, we can engage people in their own health and ultimately drive down healthcare costs.