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Healthcare is complex. We help make it accessible, understandable, and stress-free by navigating the ins-and-outs of this confusing system—so you don’t have to. Let our health care consultants guide you in this important decision.

Changing Healthcare

In 2009, Our founders (CEO, Matthew Kim, CRO, Matt Christopherson, and CAO Marc Bablot) decided to go into business together to provide a solution to the high cost of healthcare. In the beginning, they worked out of Matt Christopherson’s condo, converted his dining table into a desk, and shared one phone between the two. Together, they founded an insurance brokerage company and began to sell alternate solutions for individuals or small businesses fraught with healthcare costs.  With the advent of the ACA, they closed that business and reimagined a new opportunity to not just sell alternative plans, but also alternative experiences. 

They officially launched in 2016 and since then, we’ve grown from a humble agency of 30 to 100+ employees tackling complex healthcare issues. We’ve developed into a licensed TPA, a fully integrated telehealth platform with 100+ contracted physicians, and a new Enterprise Health Insurance Marketplace in 50 states.

We believe Healthcare is an ecosystem. Like all ecosystems, we believe that all aspects of the Healthcare paradigm need to be in harmony, or you get what you have in our Healthcare system, which is plagued by waste and unnecessary high cost.  

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