SureCo + DocDay

DocDay Technology

DocDay is a product developed by SureCo to ensure all Sureconians have access to a nationwide healthcare provider network. We are in the process of engineering a product that will centralize care by developing an ecosystem where healthcare providers and vendors can schedule, chat, and perform telehealth visits with SureCo participating employers. DocDay technology will decentralize the processes of claims adjudication, provider credentialing, health records, and physician billing to diminish the payer and provider barrier.

Patient Portal

This comprehensive personal patient portal includes payment control, communication with DocDay team, direct telehealth, booking appointments, and much more. Having everything in one spot helps make regular checkups or doctor visits effortless and manageable. Your members can search every provider in the country and choose who they talk with or see. Doctor credentials are checked regularly to guarantee they can help you by providing the best service possible. 

Helping Providers

DocDay is a product that is built with the provider in mind. DocDay software will allow providers to gain patient market share while being completely transparent and free of fees.  Providers will soon be able to leverage the features of DocDay to decrease administrative burdens while increasing the facetime you spend with your patients.

Your Healthcare

DocDay is an all-encompassing solution to managing your member’s healthcare. Members gain access to quality providers through DocDay and can see a provider online within minutes. These providers will have member’s information ready to go, and there will be no hassle when it comes to past medical history. Check out DocDay and manage your healthcare today.

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