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When to Turn to Telehealth


During the pandemic, Americans have learned to adapt to a new normal, and new ways of engaging with the services they want and need. That includes healthcare services. As the number of in-person doctors’ visits dropped, especially in the early lockdown months, the use of telehealth continued to rise — and shows no sign of slowing. 

Telehealth services make it possible for patients to connect with providers via phone or video for basic medical care — from any location with an internet connection. According to a recent survey, 36% of healthcare customers in the U.S. used telehealth services in 2021 — four times higher than the previous year1. Survey participants sited their top reasons for using telehealth as convenience (57%), speed of care (47%), and safety (36%)1. 

Pandemic aside, there are a multitude of reasons people choose to use telehealth services in place of in-person visits. Given our busy lives and hectic schedules, there are bound to be circumstances when a remote doctor’s visit just makes the most sense — like these. 

Lack of Time 

In between shuttling the kids to school, picking up the dry cleaning, and rushing home for that important work conference call — there’s little time to drive to a doctor’s office only to sit in a waiting room. With telehealth, you can schedule an appointment when it works for you, while cutting the commute and wait time. 

Sick In Bed 

Often the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling lousy is drag yourself to the doctor’s office. With telehealth, you can consult with a provider from the comfort of your own home, just steps away from your own bed. Plus, you don’t run the risk of spreading what you have to others around you, or vice versa. 

Urgent Care Alternative 

Sickness often strikes after regular doctors’ hours or on the weekends, and it’s not always possible to get an appointment when you need one. There’s always the Urgent Care center, but that usually means long wait times in crowded lobbies, and plenty of paperwork to fill out. With the right telehealth service, you can schedule remote consultations 7 days a week and after regular hours – without the wait or red tape. 

Privacy, Please 

Telehealth services allow you to keep your appointments and seek treatment for your physical and/or mental health conditions while protecting your privacy. 

Need It Now 

Sometimes, we just want relief from what’s ailing us and causing discomfort, as quickly as possible. The best telehealth services will typically respond to your request for an appointment within minutes, and schedule your provider consultation right away. Some telehealth service providers will even fill prescription orders, mail your medication to you (sometimes on the same day), and place lab test orders when needed. 

Can’t Get Away 

If you have young children at home — or sick kids to care for — it’s not always possible to get away or find a babysitter so you can make an in-person visit. Telehealth lets you get the care and treatment you need, without leaving your home or family. 

My Copay is What?! 

Let’s face it, health insurance costs are rising. Every time you go in to see the doctor, you’re paying money out of your pocket. With copays going up, the cost is often much more than you’d like to spend. Telehealth offers a way to get fast and convenient access to care, often for much less than you’d pay for a regular doctor’s office visit. 

Next time you’re feeling under the weather or want to check in with a provider, give telehealth a try. Along with convenience, ease of use, and cost savings, telehealth visits can connect you to the same level of personalized, expert care as an in-person visit — especially when you choose the right telehealth provider. 

Take DocDay, for example. With DocDay’s online provider portal, you have access to an unlimited number of telehealth visits, seven days a week — at no extra cost. You’ll also get an appointment scheduled usually within the hour, with a carefully matched physician. You also get consults with a dedicated care team who’s there to help you manage your health and reach your goals.  

Sound good to you? Learn more about your telehealth options by calling (800) 467-4898.

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