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Recently, our world has become much more engaged in virtual communication. During the pandemic, many of us have turned to video technology to keep in touch with family and friends or for our jobs while we work from home. Video conference calls and meetings have become a part of the daily routine, and now they are even a part of healthcare.  

Telemedicine, especially, has recently grown in popularity. This technology is frequently used for healthcare appointments; patients can consult with their doctor and receive the care and advice they need from the comfort of their home. During a telemedicine appointment, the doctor will be able to ask all the questions they would during and in-person visit.  If further evaluation or tests are needed, the doctor will guide the patient through the process.  

Telemedicine appointments are a great way to get medical assistance and advice while inperson appointments are being limited. They have a lower cost of care, allow patients to be more engaged with their healthcare, and increase access to care. For more information about telemedicine, check out this website 

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