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An essential department for SureCo’s growth

As our team at SureCo Healthcare + Technology grows, our Technology Team is rapidly expanding as well. This team is the support system for our whole office. They work hard to make sure our team is functioning correctly and efficiently.  

In March 2020, our technology team successfully transitioned us to a work-from-home model on short notice. They quickly adapted to the needs of our business and made sure we could continue our work remotely. Currently, SureCo’s technology team is supporting in-office and remote workers.  

Throughout the past few years, SureCo has experienced rapid growth in our services and partners. Our technology team is an essential piece of this growth and success. Without their support, expertise, and hard work, we would not be where we are today. This team works quickly to solve issues, adapt to the company’s needs, as well as develop and broaden our business and offerings.  

Our Chief Technology Officer recently shared his professional experience and journey with us. He also offered a wealth of advice to young professionals. First, he said not to let the fear of failure or making the wrong move get in the way of working toward your goals. Your career will take you on many journeys and down many paths. The mistakes you make along the way will help you learn and grow. He also advised people to take risks and opportunities early on, so you gain experience and wisdom.  

As the year continues, our technology team is adapting to the ever-changing landscape. To keep up with SureCo and our departments, network with us on social media. You can follow and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If you’re interested in joining our mission to humanize healthcare, check out our open job positions. We are continuing to grow through 2021, and we have a variety of openings available. Check out our open positions here.    

If you need healthcare, SureCo can help. Our account executives are knowledgeable about a variety of healthcare options, including health sharing. Contact us today to learn about your healthcare options. You may even qualify to receive a referral reward when you refer us to a friend or family member. 

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