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Team building and company activities

SureCo is unique in that we have a close-knit community of co-workers. Our Human Resources team works to engage employees in activities, and they encourage us to get to know one another on a personal level. We believe strong relationships positively impact our work.   

Our Human Resources team often coordinates virtual and in-person games, competitions, and bonding activities. These activities are beneficial for our company culture and overall work-life balance. For example, during holidays, we have trivia questions and riddles. We even had a SureCo naming competition where employees submitted ideas of what to call our employees.  

One of our most significant team activities occurs each year in March when the sales team has a March Madness competition. The team has a bracket that is similar to the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Throughout the month, agents compete to win raffle tickets and prizes. The parameters differ each year, but the primary goal stays the same: engage the sales team and build team unity through friendly competition.   

Last fall, we had a SureCo virtual Happy Hour, which Song Division hosted. This company-wide activity allowed us to meet people from other departments. We did this on a virtual platform, so we were randomly placed into groups, which allowed us to meet co-workers from different departments. As an entire company, we created a SureCo jingle. This experience is a memory we will have for a long time!  

At SureCo, we are grateful to have an inclusive, accepting, and uplifting work environment. Each day we are encouraged, empowered, and motivated to produce high-quality work by our managers and co-workers.  

SureCo is passionate about transforming the healthcare system. If you have a passion for healthcare and technology, we’re the company that’s making a difference. Network with us on social media and join our cause to help humanize healthcare innovation. You can follow and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Our company is continuing to grow through 2021, and we have a variety of open job positions. If you are interested in joining our mission, check out our job opportunities here.   

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