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Our employees take time to give thanks to their co-workers

The pandemic has taught us the importance of relationships and supporting one another. While this year the holiday season may look different, the sentiment of Thanksgiving remains the same: give thanks and cherish the ones you love. At SureCo, we are grateful to have a positive, uplifting team. Our company culture is important to us and we strive to foster an inclusive and productive work environment. To read more about our company, check out our Great Place to Work profile.  

This year, we are extra grateful for our co-workers. At SureCo, a continuous goal we have is to create the best work environment for our staff as possible. In a recent employee survey, respondents expressed their gratitude for their co-workers, saying the work environment they have created makes them want to do their best each day. And when employees come into the office, they feel motivated, empowered, and supported.  

We asked our team members what their favorite part about working at SureCo is. Check out a few of their responses: 

  • “The environment, company culture, coworkers, overall ambiance! Everyone is on the same page and the amount of energy and positive vibes that resonate through the office is contagious. It motivates me every time I come to work!” – Elisa Pogu 
  • “My favorite part about working at SureCo is the people. I have the best coworkers in the world!” – Cedric Tu 
  • “The daily motivation by team leads. The encouragement and motivation shared helps so much especially when in a sales job role.” – Amanda Calderon 

Without our incredible teammates, we would not be as strong of a team as we are today. Our team is so grateful for our incredible employees and their hard work. The office environment is special, and we are thrilled to make this environment welcoming and encouraging. This Thanksgiving take time to reflect on what you are grateful for. Have a safe and happy holiday.  

Our team of Sureconians is rapidly expanding. Check our LinkedIn page for all open positions. Make sure to stay in touch with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. 

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