Reflecting on 2020


A manager’s poem about SureCo’s year

2020 came with a lot of challenges, growth, and opportunity. As we reflect on the past year, we want to acknowledge and recognize both the many big and small changes that occurred. To commemorate the events of 2020, one of our managers wrote a poem including highlights from SureCo’s year. Check it out below.  


Happy New Year, all—phew, it’s about time.  

Because doesn’t 2020 deserve to end in rhyme? 

We started the year full of hopes, dreams, ambitions  

And continued to thrive despite the conditions   


In March no more traffic, our commutes simply vanished.  

Our office was closed, and to home we were banished  


There was news besides COVID, we had quite the year  

Even as there were new protocols and we had to adhere  


Objectives and Key Results were all front and center  

And our office space doubled, as we continue our venture  


There was creation and building of Concierge and Product Teams  

All part of a strategic plan as we fulfill our dreams  


We started the Scoop, a wealth of great information  

To keep us in the loop with our growing organization  


A new building in technology with engineering and data science  

All part of a strategic outline of our next decade triumphs  


As the year wound down, hope arose with a vaccine.  

But it’s not time to relax. Not by any means!  


Unforgettable it all was, for reasons aplenty,  

But we have no problem saying, “Good riddance, 2020!”  


Here’s to a tomorrow that’s minus the sadness,  

And brimming instead with hope, joy and gladness.  


To be thankful for all and cherish each day  

With all of our hearts we continue to say:  


May the New Year be fruitful and bring you great cheer  

With health and happiness all through the year  


Tonight, we’ll think of you as we drink to a toast,  

Celebrating our SureCo Family whom we love the most.   


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