Our High-Energy, Team-Driven Culture


SureCo employees are champions for change

SureCo is a high-energy, team-driven company focused on making real change. Our people are inspiring and are inspired by what we do, who we do it with, and who we do it for. We firmly and passionately believe that everyone has an obligation to impact the human condition positively. We’re champions for change in our complex, broken healthcare system. It’s a responsibility we take seriously. We want to provide our client base with the best possible healthcare solution while pioneering change in the overall system.  

 As a workplace, we are highly team-driven, knowing that we cannot do what we do without each other’s success. We work hard to support our different departments the best way we can while also reminding ourselves that we deserve to have fun and celebrate our wins together.  

One aspect that makes our office workplace unique is that our entire company operates on one floor of our building. With this, we spend a lot of time with each other, listening in on each other’s conversations and creating personal relationships with one another. Whereas other companies might have their own building or different locations, our entire staff is together.  

Our executive team has implemented activities to help make our days fun and engaging. These activities include games over Microsoft Teams where employees can play together, brackets such as March Madness where employees can play against each other, and a prize wheel that employees can spin when they reach certain milestones. The Human Resources and Executive teams also surprised every employee with SureCo apparel 

Although we are extremely focused on our business and helping us grow and succeed, our company knows how to keep the culture lighthearted and engaging. We recently surveyed our employees and asked them to describe our culture in 3 words. Our employees say it best. Check out some of their responses below!  

As 2021 continues, SureCo Healthcare + Technology is expanding our team. We have a variety of open job positions for a variety of experience levels. To learn more about SureCo, our company culture, and our job openings, visit our LinkedIn. You can also see and apply to our job openings hereYou can also follow and connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.   

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