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Open Enrollment is Upon Us


Understanding Open Enrollment and Its Nuances

It is an exciting and busy time here at SureCo! We are experiencing expansive business growth, our new referral program launched, and Open Enrollment is quickly approachingThrough it all, we are here for our clients and want to help you explore healthcare optionsContact us today and let us help you navigate the processRead below to learn more about Open Enrollment and how SureCo’s Account Executives can help you find the right healthcare option for you and your needs. 

Open Enrollment ithe time of year where people can sign up for, change, or drop their healthcare plan for the upcoming yearWhether you are satisfied with your current plan or not, it is a great time to investigate other options, as they may better suit your needs and/or budget. For example, healthcare sharing programs are an alternative to traditional health insurance. They help facilitate medical cost sharing amongst members who have similar ethical or religious beliefs. Our Account Executives are knowledgeable about a variety of healthcare and health sharing options. Inquire today and let us help you find the right healthcare for you and your family’s needs.   

In order to help you find the best healthcare, we are excited to announce our launch of This website is a guide and resource for those looking to improve and explore their healthcare options, including affordable alternatives such as Christian health share. Annual Open Enrollment provides information about healthcare enrollment, various healthcare options, and state-specific requirements. Additionally, you can get a free quote and obtain the Ultimate Guide to Open Enrollment e-book, a free informational resource.  

Now is the perfect time to consider your healthcare options for the upcoming year. SureCo and Annual Open Enrollment are here to help you navigate this processContact us today to learn about your healthcare options! You may even qualify to receive a referral reward when you refer us to a friend or family member. Continue to keep up with us on Instagram @sureco_health and Twitter @surecohealth. 


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