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Throughout the pandemic and stay-at-home orders, everyone has learned the value of staying connected virtually. While we may not be able to see our co-workers, family, or friends in person, there are plenty of platforms to assist in our virtual communications.  

SureCo has utilized a variety of platforms to communicate and stay in touch with staff, clients, and partners all around the countryFor instance, we recently updated our LinkedIn page with information about our new job openings, insights into our departments, specifications of our company culture, and a representation of our business leadersThis has helped us stay in touch with our employees while connecting and involving our community.  

SureCo is also actively recruiting new employees; our sales department is rapidly growing its Account Executive team. Our Account Executives are passionate about helping people navigate the complexities of the health care system and finding the best insurance plan suitable for all our clients’ needs. If you are looking for a client focused, fastpaced position, visit our LinkedIn for more information on this role! 

Be sure to follow our LinkedIn page to be the first to know when new jobs are available and to learn more about our company journey, culture, and goals


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