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Important Fire Safety Notes


Check out a few of our fire prevention and preparation tips

Wildfires are ravaging many places around the United States. As these wildfires continue to blaze and more are starting, we must stay aware of our surroundings. This includes taking preventative measures in case a fire nears your home or business. Fire safety measures are always important, but today more than ever, take a moment to review these safety measures:  

  1. Clear debris, such as dry and dead plants, and combustible items from your yard. 
  2. Make sure your business and/or household has at least one fire extinguisher. 
  3. Do not start a fire on a windy or dry day and never leave it unattended. 
  4. Do not park a car or other vehicle on dry grass.  


Here are a few steps to help you prepare to evacuate, if necessary:  

  1. Sign up for your county’s evacuation warning system.  
  2. Gather an emergency kit. Include water, non-perishable food, medication, clothes, masks, hand sanitizer, cash, credit cards, important paperwork, and memorabilia.  
  3. Prepare an emergency evacuation plan and review it with members of your household/workplace. Plan 2 ways out.  
  4. Cover your attic, eve, and foundation vents with 1/8-inch wire mesh.  


If you see a fire break out, call 911. Stay informed and regularly check the news in your area when wildfires are imminent. Be prepared to leave, if necessary, and take precautions to prevent wildfires from starting. To everyone affected by these wildfires: you are in our thoughts. Stay safe, stay healthy.  

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