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Healthcare Terms - What's the Difference?


Today’s healthcare options can be complicated, making it overwhelming when trying to choose the right plan. To add to the complexity, there are a variety of terms that are commonly used among healthcare providers and insurance companies that many people don’t understand. You shouldn’t have to be confused when it comes to your healthcare. Luckily, SureCo believes in the power of knowledge, so we’ve researched and created a detailed infographic that captures the differences between common healthcare terms you need to know. See below for a quick list of the terms and download the infographic to get access to all the key healthcare terms. Be sure to keep the infographic handy for future reference!  

In-Network vs. Out-of-Network  

Claim vs. Billed Amount  

Investigational vs. Medically Necessary  

Brand-Name Medication vs. Generic Medication  

HSA vs. FSA  

In-Patient vs. Out-of-Patient   

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