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Health Insurance vs. Health Sharing – What’s the Difference?


We know finding the right health coverage can be complicated and overwhelming. Especially with multiple plan options, confusing terminology, and more that you need to learn, research, and understand. Luckily, SureCo’s Account Executives are highly knowledgeable and can help you explore all of your healthcare options. This includes alternative healthcare programs such as health sharing. To help you better understand the typical insurance terms and how they compare to health sharing, check out our handy infographic below. You can also download a copy for future reference here. 

Open Enrollment is coming to a close, but SureCo can still help you find coverage for the upcoming year. Call us today at (866) 235 – 5515 to learn more about your plan options, including Christian health sharing. Keep up with us on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, and Twitter for healthcare information and offerings. 

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