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Health Insurance Plans – Which One Should I Choose?


There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right health insurance plan for you and your family. The information can get confusing, especially with all the jargon being used.  But getting an understanding of the basics will make your decision-making process more manageable. To help you get started, here are the most common types of health insurance plans:  

  • PPO is a health plan that allows you to freely select from a large pool of providers and hospitals. However, using providers outside the PPO’s network will generally cost you more.  
  • HMOs are a more restrictive type of health insurance plan. You may have to choose a primary care provider who coordinates all your healthcare services with this type of plan. 
  • POS plans blend features of an HMO plan with a PPO plan. This plan offers a greater choice of providers, but you must have a primary care doctor who can refer you to specialists. Out-of-network providers are more costly. 
  • EPO plans are similar to PPOs, but you are limited to using providers within the plan’s network. You do not need a primary care provider referral to see a specialist. These plans have lower monthly premiums and higher deductibles. 
  • Indemnity plans offer you complete flexibility in the choice of doctors and hospitals. They are also known as fee-for-service plans. With this type of plan, you will have to pay for all services upfront and then submit a claim for reimbursement.  


Each plan type has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. It can be challenging to determine which plan is best for you and your family. Download the SureCo health plans infographic today for more information about the different types of healthcare plans.  

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