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Health Insurance Myths vs. Facts


Open Enrollment is the time to reevaluate your healthcare needs for the coming year.  It would be simple if the healthcare landscape wasn’t ever-changing, creating a maze of confusing options and terminology.   

Luckily, our subsidiary Enrollme has created an easy-to-understand infographic to help guide you through some of those twists and turns and provide some facts about health insurance. Enrollme is a leader in enterprise healthcare solutions and helps you put your employees first. Continue here to view the infographic.  

If you’re still in need of healthcare for the coming year, call us today. Our Account Executives are knowledgeable about various healthcare options and can help you find the best option to fit your medical needs and budget. Call us today at (866) 235 – 5515. For the latest healthcare, healthcare technology news and more about how we can help you, follow us on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, and Twitter. 

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