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Last week during SureCo’s International Women’s Day meeting, a few of our woman leaders spoke about their professional experiences. They offered insight into their work experience and what factors influenced their careers and professional growth. They offered advice and lessons they learned. Continue reading to see what they had to say.   

Growth does not mean comfort. This was one of the most prominent takeaways from the discussion. Often, we believe growth happens over time, and it’s something that goes unnoticed. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. Many of our speakers expressed moments they knew they were growing in – and that is because they were uncomfortable and uncertain about their situation. Many of these women told stories about people in their lives who pushed them, and these people were key components to their growth. The support and encouragement they received from their peers and mentors were fundamental to their growth and confidence.   

Positivity was another shared sentiment between our speakers. One of the women who spoke shared stories about one of SureCo’s managers and how they helped her get to the position she is in today. This person always encouraged her to focus on her goals and realize what she is capable of. They also prepared her to be mentally and physically strong, which helped her pursue her career goals. Each woman shared how having positive leaders and influences in their life helped encourage them and bring them to the position they are in today—one of the most important parts of developing professionally surrounding yourself with people who will uplift you. There will be people in your life who will make you feel like you are not capable, but you must block out the negativity and believe in yourself.   

Our employees enjoyed hearing about our employee’s professional experiences and advice. We are grateful to have peers who uplift and support one another; they push us to be the best versions of ourselves each day. If you have a passion for healthcare and technology, we’re the company that’s making a difference. Network with us on social media and join our cause to help humanize healthcare innovation. You can follow and connect with us on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, and Twitter. SureCo also has a variety of open job positions. If you are interested in joining our mission, check out our job opportunities here.   

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