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What if you were offered a pill that would make it significantly easier to diet? A pill that would help you perform more vigorously, increase exercise endurance, improve memory, and make you physically healthier, all while improving the quality of your relationships. How much would you pay for this pill? If I told you it was free and you could choose when and where to take it, you might start to think it is too good to be true. Is it? 

All the benefits outlined are just the initial benefits we understand about getting good quality sleep every night. It is ideal to get 8-9 hours of sleep every single night. Really serious performance issues start to occur when we get less than 7 hours. Sleep is your time for recovery, not just for your muscles, but especially your brain functions. Different ages require different amounts of sleep. To find out how much you need, and for more information about sleep health, download the SureCo sleep infographic. 

The question is, are you getting enough sleep, and if not how do we improve your sleep? Your body is a creature of habit, and the single best thing you can do to improve sleep is to set and stick to a regular bed time. Limiting screen time before bed is also a good practice and will help you get higher quality sleep.  

So, how do we alter our sleep habits? Let’s go back to the habit loop. First, identify what your trigger or cue is for going to bed. Then, determine how you can alter that routine to benefit your sleep, maybe it’s going to bed earlier or maybe it’s turning off your devices before you get in bed. Now you must develop a different reward for getting in bed for this routine to stay. This could be reading a book or meditating. Whatever your new habit reward may be, make sure it’s a positive reinforcement to help continue this new long term habit. 

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