Forming Great Habits: Relationships


No one ever wished they had spent more time at work or taken extra meetings on their deathbed. Recognizing the need to spend more time with the people you love and support is the biggest step, but not the only step.  

Unfortunately, we all have a tendency to prioritize our work over all else and rationalize that without work, I can’t support my family. While true, in that process, our families inevitably fall down the priority ladder, which means they get less time. That time is usually lower in quality because we are tired from a long day, distracted by an ongoing problem, or simply have difficulty recognizing their need to feel prioritized. Being present during that time is critical to making the most of that time (you may want to check out my blog on mindfulness here).  

The question now becomes how do we make a habit of it? When it comes to my own children, I apply what I call the movie principle. For most movies, I can easily remember how they began and how they ended, everything else in the middle can be fuzzy. So, I make a point to prioritize time with my children at the beginning and end of their day. That means breakfast, diapers, and anything else we can do together early. It also means dinner without phones or any other distractions until the kids go to bed. This routine is built in 2 hour blocks on my schedule, to coordinate with their wake-up and dinner/bedtimes. Knowing that this is ‘their time’ gives them a sense of priority and predictability and allows me to focus on them with an undivided mind.  

The cue is them waking up or a set dinner time (5 PM in our home). The routine is obvious and the reward is immense. I have gone back to work into the late hours several times. What I don’t do is interrupt the habit by jumping into work early. It will always be there waiting for you to do more. 

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Published by Dr. Zaid Fadul

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