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Focusing on Mental Health During the Pandemic


Social distancing, working from home, and the overall stress of the pandemic can take a toll on your mental health. While everyone may be working through similar circumstances, our experiences and journeys are different. Acknowledging and understanding these differences is crucial to everyone’s well-being 

Here are a few ways employees can support each other: 

  1. Checkin with each other regularly.  
  2. Have a conversation about something other than work.  
  3. Lead by example. Be vulnerable about your experiences, and your co-workers may be willing to share more. 

We conducted a poll on social media and asked people to tell us what they are doing during the pandemic to help with their mental health. Here are the top answers:  

  1. Exercising daily 
  2. Reaching out to loved ones 
  3. Journaling 
  4. Yoga/Meditation 
  5. Loving on our fur babies 

Remember, as everyone navigates through the pandemic, experiences will vary. But creating a welcoming and honest work environment will help us and our colleagues to prioritize and understand our mental health.  

 Let us know what you are doing for your mental health! DM or tag us on Instagram @surecohealth. 

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