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Face masks have become increasingly prominent and necessary amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Many state governments and businesses are requiring employees to wear face masks when they are at work. As businesses, it is important to keep in mind that everyone has a different comfort level with these new regulations. Proper information and training can help your employees be more comfortable in a work environment during this time.  

The following are important recommendations regarding face masks 

  1. The mask must be snug from the nose to under the chin, and out toward the ears. Particles can enter through small gaps. 
  2. You must be able to pull the mask off without touching the fabric
  3. The mask should not restrict your breathing


Proper handling of your face mask is crucial for helping prevent the spread of COVID-19. You should wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before you touch or remove your mask. Additionally, experts recommend washing your mask with soap or laundry detergent after each use.   

Businesses should also implement specific cleaning procedures into their daily regimen. Employees should sanitize high touch surfaces multiple times a day, use hand sanitizer with over 60% alcohol content, wash their hands regularly, and stay 6 feet apart from one another. These practices can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace.  

Face coverings are crucial in helping prevent the spread of COVID-19. It is possible to be asymptomatic and unknowingly spread the virus to others. Wearing a face mask shows that you care not only about your own health but other people’s as well. Businesses should continue to monitor the CDC guidelines regarding face coverings and sanitization procedures and update their policies when necessary.  


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