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Read below to find out how we motivate our employees

Motivation is an essential aspect of productivity and success in the workplace. Whether this motivation comes from yourself, others, or a combination of both, seeking a form of incentive or encouragement is important. At SureCo, our Acquisition Managers are an external form of motivation for our employees. They send out regular emails to the company, with topics ranging from sales motivation, positive affirmations, good news, and more.  

These motivational emails are a means to keep all our employees connected, even as some of us are continuing to work remotelyAs a Great Place to Work certified company, we highly value company culture. The continuous support, communication, and empathy we receive from our co-workers help fuel our motivation to continue our proactive pursuit to improve healthcare by decreasing costs and increasing the quality of care. Check out our press release 

A recencompany-wide email focused on the importance of commitment and motivationOne of our managers reminded us that each day is a fresh start and brings the opportunity to further commit to and become the best version of ourselves. Every day is a chance to get closer to reaching our goals if we acknowledge that our dedication affects our successAlong with this, we were reminded that failure is a part of the process toward achievement. The important part is how you go about addressing and overcoming setbacks. Our Acquisition Managers remind us that perseverance and dedication are essential for success and achievement. 

Along with personal goals and commitment, as a community of co-workers, we recognize that together we must strive toward the goals and mission of our company. All of us believe in the possibility of a different kind of healthcare and together we work toward the common goal of helping our clients find the best healthcare for their needs. Our dedication and hard work make a difference to the company and our managers reinforce this through encouraging communication.  

At SureCo, we believe in the power of employee to employee support. How does your company motivate, support, and encourage employees? Share your experiences with us! How do you keep your employees motivated? Let us know via FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, or Twitter. 


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