Awesome productivity apps to download


It’s no secret that everyone struggles to be productive and make the most of their time. Organizing schedules, improving time management, and balancing activities are no easy tasks. It can be overwhelming to tackle all of these at once. Thankfully, there are a few phone applications that can help with this process. Check out these FREE productivity apps, available on Google Play and the App Store! 


Habit: Daily Tracker 

This application allows you to schedule your habits and check them off once you reach your goals. It also shows statistics based on your progress over time. Along with this, the app has a calendar so you can easily schedule your tasks and habits.  



Named Apple’s Best App of the Year in the US, this application serves a variety of purposes. It has brain games that help with productivity, self-confidence, memory, and so much more. This application also allows you to track your improvement over time. It is great for anyone looking to challenge their brain, improve their cognitive skills, and learn something new.  



Are you looking for a way to escape and relax for a few minutes through meditation? Look no further, this application is perfect for resetting your mind and getting back on task. There are meditations for all levels and needs, including sleep and emotional wellness 


Download these applications today to start reaching your goals and making the most of your time! Do you have any applications that help you stay on task and productive? Share them with us! DM or tag us on Twitter @surecohealth and Instagram @surecohealth. 


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