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6 Fun Labor Day Activities


Read below for a few suggestions we have for Labor Day socially distanced activities

This upcoming Monday is Labor Day. This national holiday is for Americans to recognize the Labor Movement and contributions laborers have made to the development and prosperity of the United States. While your Labor Day weekend may look different this year, there are still plenty of ways to spend this day while adhering to social distancing guidelines. Check out a few of our ideas: 

  1. Pack some food and drinks and have a socially distanced picnic in a park with your family and friends.  
  2. Have a socially distanced workout. Play music and get your sweat on! 
  3. Trivia day! This can be conducted virtually or in an open-air space.  
  4. Play a board game with the members of your household.
  5. Watch a movie with friends and family through Netflix party! 
  6. Have a crafting day. DIY some home décor or make some fun activities like paper airplanes or tin can & string telephone. 


Here at SureCo, we hope you have a safe and healthy Labor Day weekend. How have you been staying social while adhering to social distance guidelines? Share your ideas with us, DM or tag us on Instagram @surecohealth or on Twitter @surecohealth. 


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