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5 Organization Apps to Download Today


Check out these phone apps to help improve your organization and productivity

2020 has proven to be stressful in many ways. You may find it difficult to organize your calendar and manage your to-do list items, especially with the holidays just around the corner. Thankfully there are many resources to assist with managing responsibilities. Technology has become a valuable way to organize your calendar and stay on top of tasks; many applications and resources are just a click away. Check out a few of our favorite organization apps and download one today.  


This application is great for organizing and managing tasks. It is also useful for note-taking. With a variety of formatting options, this application is fit for all types of notetakers.  


This is the ultimate to do list application. It incorporates visual elements that allow you to organize your tasks in a manner that suits your needsYou can even set goals and track their progress. This application is perfect for individual or group tasks.  


This time tracking app can help both you and your team efficiently execute projects. Toggl helps you stay time conscious and helps with project planning. This application is perfect for business organization and projects.  


Trello is perfect for enhancing team collaboration and efficiency. It has unique functionalities, including boards, lists, and cards. Users can add attachments, comments, and due dates. This is a perfect application to use to help organize your team and tasks.  


Organize and store your passwords in one place with LastPass. This is a secure location to store your passwords and other sensitive information and is easy to access and use.   

Everyone has different organization techniques and luckily there are a variety of applications that offer services for an array of needs. If you are looking for more productivity apps to download, read another one of our blogs here

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