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5 Healthcare Terms to Understand


Defining healthcare terms during Open Enrollment

As Open Enrollment continues, it is important to stay informed about your current healthcare and explore other options that may benefit you. At SureCo Healthcare + Technology, we work to help make the Open Enrollment process easy to understand and navigate. We understand this process can be overwhelming, and our healthcare consultants can help you find the best plan to fit your needs. In addition, our Annual Open Enrollment website is a great informational resource. 

Throughout Open Enrollment, we are highlighting important healthcare terms. We hope these blogs help you better understand the healthcare sector. This week, our blog focuses on key healthcare terms that are important to know, especially during this time of year.  

  1. Benefits: These are the health care components, including items and services, that are covered under a health insurance plan. Health plans outline covered and excluded services.  
  2. Group Health Plan: This is a health coverage plan offered by an employee organization or an employer. The health plan covers employees and their families.  
  3. Outofpocket maximum/limit: This is the most you must pay for your covered services per plan year. Your health plan covers 100% of the covered benefits costs once you spend this amount. This limit does not include monthly premiums, out-of-network care/services, or costs above the provider-allotted allowed amount. The out-of-pocket limit varies by plan, but it cannot go exceed a set amount each year.  
  4. Pre-existing condition: A health complication that was diagnosed before the start date of new coverage. Insurance companies are not allowed to deny treatment coverage for pre-existing conditions, nor can they charge you more for them.  
  5. Lifetime limit: This is a dollar maximum on the lifetime benefits you can receive from your insurance company. They can establish a limit on general or specific benefits, or a combination of these. The insurance plan will not pay for covered services once the lifetime limit is reached.

The pandemic has made countless aspects of life complicated and stressful, including health care coverage. Luckily, Open Enrollment is here and is the perfect time to explore your healthcare options for the upcoming year. SureCo’s healthcare consultants are here to help you navigate the process. Book a meeting with one of our licensed agents today.  

As Open Enrollment continues, we will continue to highlight essential healthcare terms. In the meantime, read one of our other healthcare term blogs here. This glossary resource also highlights key terms. Follow us on FacebookInstagramLinkedInand Twitter to be the first to find out when our newest blogs are posted. 



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