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4 Tips For Staying Motivated and Productive


There are a few ways to stay motivated during the pandemic

As the pandemic continues past its one-year anniversary, you may be finding it difficult to focus and stay motivated – and you are not alone. Monotony can affect your routine and productivityit is normal to have these feelings and reactions.  

While staying motivated and productive can be difficult, there are ways to help. Continue reading for a few ideas of how to stay on track and productive throughout the day.  


Create a morning routine 

Whether this is the same routine you’ve been upholding or a new one, keeping a consistent morning routine will help you adapt to and prepare for each day. A regular routine will help you stay grounded and focused on what is important to you. 


Learn something new 

Learning a new skill will help you have something to look forward to. It will switch up your routine and may even inspire you to do something else. A new activity or skill will help you take your mind off everything else going on. 


Prepare a todo list 

Having a list of priorities will help keep you on track and guide you through your day. Update your list throughout the day as you finish tasks and as your schedule changes. Be flexible with yourself; plans change. You will not be able to do everything and that’s ok.   


Stay connected 

Make time to connect with your friends and loved ones. This can be virtual or in-person, however you feel most comfortable. A simple 5-minute conversation can help change your perspective and outlook of the day. Social connections with your community can help encourage you, keep you accountable, and motivate you.  


Reflect and think about ways you can improve your motivationThese are unprecedented times, be patient with yourself and do what is best for your current situation. If you have any tips about how to stay motivated, let us know! You can connect with us on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, and Twitter 

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