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4 Fundamental Healthcare Terms to Know


Understanding healthcare terms during Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is in progress and now is the perfect time to research and assess your health care options for the upcoming year. While you may be satisfied with your current insurance plan, it is beneficial to explore all your options. At SureCo Healthcare + Technology, our healthcare consultants are knowledgeable about various insurance and health sharing options. They are enthusiastic and ready to help you find the best plan to suit your budget and needs. We do the work for you, helping to make the process easy to navigate and understand. Contact us today to discover your healthcare options. Our Annual Open Enrollment website outlines essential information about Open Enrollment; it is a great informational resource for anyone looking to learn more about this critical time period. 

As Open Enrollment continues, we are highlighting various healthcare terms. We hope these blogs help you better understand healthcare and the options you haveCheck out this week’s terms that are essential to understanding healthcare and insurance. 

  1. NetworkThese are the facilities, providers, and suppliers that your insurance plan has partnered with for healthcare services.  
  2. Primary Care ProviderThese are providers (nurses, doctors, practitioners, etcetera) that typically maintain a relationship with you over time. They can help with a variety of healthcare needs you may have, such as prevention and wellness. Primary care providers can recommend or coordinate care with specialists 
  3. ReinsuranceThis reimbursement system supports insurance companies by helping them with high-cost claims. It is a way to help make coverage readily available and affordable for everyone. 
  4. Summary of Benefits and Coverage: This is a statement that allows you to compare costs and coverage options of health plans. A summary of benefits can help you understand what is important to you when it comes to benefits, cost, etcetera. You can get this summary when you are researching plan options, or you can request this through your health insurance.  

Life may be extra stressful and overwhelming right now, but your healthcare choices do not have to be. Let SureCo’s healthcare consultants guide you through the Open Enrollment process. Book a meeting with one of our licensed agents today and you could receive a coffee gift card 

If you are interested in learning more healthcare terms, read one of our other healthcare term blogs hereAs Open Enrollment continues, keep in touch with us on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, and Twitter to be the first to know when our newest blogs, job openings, and company announcements are posted. 


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