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3 Ways to Spend the Holiday Season


Read below for a few ways to celebrate this time of year

The holiday season is here! While the holidays may look different this year, there are many ways we can safely celebrate and enjoy the season. At SureCo, our employees have a variety of traditions and ways they spend the holidays. Read below for a few ideas about how to safely celebrate this time of year 

  1. Video calls with family and friends. You can celebrate by virtually cooking together, showing off your decorations, playing games, and even watching a movie!  
  2. Outdoor gatherings. You can go to a park, bundle up, and socialize while still social distancing from others.  
  3. Baking and cooking. Organize a recipe exchange and share your favorites with your loved ones. 


Our Human Resources department helped get us in the holiday spirit this past week by organizing office games with raffle prizes. This year, the games were conducted virtually and each day we had a prize for the winner. At the end of the week, we had a grand prize winner! Our employees are grateful for these games as they help connect us during this time, even though many of us are still working from home. 

As the holiday season approaches, Open Enrollment has ended in many states. However, our Account Executives are still available year-round to help you navigate the healthcare enrollment process. They are knowledgeable about a variety of healthcare options, including health sharingContact us today to explore your options! You may even qualify to receive a referral reward when you refer a friend or family member to SureCo. Continue to keep up with us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn.  

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