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3 Significant Healthcare Terms to Know


Open Enrollment is here. These terms can help you navigate the process

Open Enrollment is here and now is a perfect time to immerse yourself in the healthcare sector to learn about its subtleties and implicationsAt SureCo Healthcare + Technology, we work to make the healthcare exploration process easier to navigate and understand. Our healthcare consultants do the work for you; making sure you have the best plan for your needs and budget. At SureCo, we believe a different kind of healthcare is possible for everyone and our solutions advocate for this proactive pursuit. Book an appointment with one of our licensed agents to explore and learn about your health care options 

The healthcare sector can be confusing; with many options, plans, and terms it is easy to get overwhelmed. SureCo hopes to make this process as seamless and as easy to navigate as possible. With this, we hope to clarify the information surrounding common healthcare terms. Read below for the phrases included in our second part of health care terms blogs 

  1. Claimrequest for payment of a service or item. It is submitted to your health insurer. 
  2. Dependent: A person who can be claimed as a personal exemption tax deduction under a parent, relative, etc. A part of the Affordable Care Act may allow individuals to claim a premium tax credit and assist with coverage costs of themselves and their dependents.  
  3. Healthcare Sharing Ministry: These programs are an affordable alternative to traditional health insurance. Health sharing ministries unite like-minded individuals and facilitate member-to-member health sharing among fellow Christians.  

The pandemic has caused drastic changes in people’s health insurance. Some have experienced decreases in their benefits while others have been left searching for coverage. Open Enrollment is the perfect time to explore your healthcare options. Check out our Annual Open Enrollment website to learn more about this time of year.  

Navigating the healthcare world can be confusing, and SureCo is here to help you. We offer a variety of health care options and plans, including health sharing programs – inquire today! If you are interested in learning more healthcare terms, check out this glossary resourceAs Open Enrollment continues, stay in touch with us via Facebook, InstagramLinkedIn, and Twitter.  



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