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Our Mission

We’re here to make healthcare work better for everyone.

At SureCo, we believe there’s a better way to do healthcare — one that offers simplicity instead of complexity, efficiency rather than barriers, and flexibility in place of frustration. Our employees work passionately every day to provide our patients the healthcare experience they deserve, our partners the cost savings they seek, and our providers the efficiencies they need to improve the lives of the people in their care.

Yes, we’re focused on lowering healthcare costs. But our “why” goes way beyond saving costs. We’re here to save the broken healthcare system. We know the best way to do this is by connecting people to the innovative solutions, tools, information, and resources they need to participate in their own health. And find the right care at the right time — affordably and efficiently.

We call it Engaged Healthcare. And it’s changing everything.


Create a world where everyone is
engaged in improving their own health.

our story

Problem Solvers from the Start


SureCo Health founded


Started selling health share products


Partnered with UHSM health share


Healthrive TPA launched


  • DocDay launched
  • Enrollme goes to market
  • Acquired TembiHealth, which is later rebranded to DocDay
  • IFP product launched

2022 and on

SureCo’s mission dates back to 2009, the year Matthew Kim (CEO), Matt Christopherson (CRO), and Marc Bablot (CAO) joined forces to solve the sky-rocketing costs of healthcare. For the next seven years, they helped individuals and small businesses capture significant savings by offering alternate healthcare solutions.

As the healthcare landscape evolved, the partners adapted. And in 2016, they officially launched SureCo with 30 dedicated employees driven by the same purpose: to make healthcare simpler, accessible and more affordable for patients, partners and providers.

Since then, we’ve continued to expand our company and our portfolio of solutions designed to shake up the healthcare status quo. Today, we employ over 130 people who are passionate about empowering people to live healthier. While we’re still a healthcare agency at heart, we are now so much more. As a licensed TPA, we offer a fully integrated telehealth platform with 100+ contracted physicians and an employee-centric digital marketplace that provides a simplified alternative to corporate health insurance.

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Let’s Engage

You’re not just a customer. You’re our partner. Let’s work together to empower patients to find the healthcare that’s right for them.