3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Vision Insurance


To many, vision insurance may seem like an afterthought. People think first of health insurance, and then considering adding dental and life along with it. If you don’t have any vision problems, you may not see the point. However, choosing vision insurance can be an excellent choice. Here are three big reasons to consider it:

1. Preventive Care
Most vision plans completely cover the cost of preventive care. This means you won’t pay extra for regular exams that can catch any issues early on, including dangerous problems like glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy.

2. General Health
Eyes exams can also help your doctors catch more general medical problems, like diabetes, certain cancers, autoimmune diseases, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and even some thyroid issues. Being aware of these problems from the start can also keep you healthier and help you save on medical costs.

3. Big savings
Speaking of saving on costs, if you or your dependents do end up having any “classic” vision loss, then good insurance will keep you from breaking the bank. Basic plans typically offer significant discounts on contacts and glasses. Comprehensive plans may even offer discounts for LASIK surgery. If you decide on vision, see what plans are available on your own or through your employer, and then choose one that’s right for your family.

Note: Having access to eye exams is especially important for children. Kids aren’t typically aware of what “good” vision is, so their eyesight may be worsening without them realizing it. It could even affect their performance in school, if not tested regularly. Review your vision options today by speaking with a certified insurance agent. Call us today at (866)235-5515.

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